Music …if I had to pick the best

If I had to pick …..these would be the best

  2.  ….The Band, Woodstock ’69,
  3. …
  4. Four Strong Winds…,
  5. S&G   Fun intro on the Martin
  6. Thirsty Boots – Eric Anderson,  etc, Listened to this growing up
  7. Arlo – singing his old Man’s song in Stockbridge , and daughter Sarah Lee
  8. Have to put this in-cracks me up, never made it to Stockbroge – Saw him and Pete at Musikfest way back when
  9. Dylan, Harrison Petty, Roy Orbison, etc. or
  10. or
  11. Motown;  Temps –,, Marvin Gaye
  12. Fleetwood Mac,,,,,
  13. Ray Charles –,  Album always on every Gopher Hole party
  14. Skynrd
  15. Paul Simon
  16. Bromberg
  17. And one of America’s all time best- album on Rolling Stone –  # 2 of 500 best albums of all time,,
  18. Drifters and Otis Redding Dock of the Bay, Righteous Brothers
  19. Clapton,
  20. Arlo’s Daughter – Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion,,
  21. Greats on stage together:, ,,,,
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